IERMP Provides...

...each individual district the ability to select up to three health plans to suit their needs.

  • HIPAA and Security Documents
  • Health Plan Designs
  • Ancillary Plan Designs
IERMP offers health, dental, life and vision plans to their members.


IERMP Benefits

IERMP offers health, dental, life and vision plans to their members. Please check with your district to see which plans they offer. To see what types of plans are offered for health and ancillary, please click on each tab to see plan designs.

Health Alliance is the Health Plan Administrator for the IERMP. Each district can choose up to 3 plans to offer to their members. If you have any questions regarding the network you can go onto Health Alliance’s website at to look for providers.

For the ancillary products, Standard Insurance Company handles the dental, life, and vision. (  Each district can decide to either offer employer sponsored or employee sponsored ancillary products.

HIPAA Training

If you are an active IERMP Board Member or if you handle Protected Health Information (PHI), then you are required to complete HIPAA Certification Training in order to comply with regulations.  Health Alliance has created an online training module for the aforementioned members. Please click the link below and use the provided instructions to access the online certification training.
  • Follow this link to Health Alliance Pinpoint webpage:
  • For first time registrants, set up your account by clicking on the "Click here to Register" button in the upper left-hand corner
  • Enter the last 4 digits of your social security number to validate
  • After completing your validation, sign in to begin your IERMP Compliance Training.